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Tappo upgrades Buffalo’s Italian red sauce favorites at family prices

“With upgraded ingredients and spot-on palate pandering, Tappo offers a menu of idealized Italian-American classics, ranging from rustic to fancy-pants, at reasonable prices.”

– Andrew Galarneau, The Buffalo News

Cutting Edge Meeting Classic at Tappo

“If you can’t find something you like about Tappo then you’re just not trying – great space, open air bar that spills onto the sidewalk, fine Italian food, lean prices, great views from the rooftop terrace.”

– Homer Enthusiast, Step Out Buffalo

Chef Mike A. from Tappo Stops by Winging it! Buffalo Style

“Tappo is a downtown Buffalo restaurant centered on serving affordable American Italian cuisine and giving wine lovers an even bigger reason to visit with their long wine list, with each bottle going for just $15 (2016 price update $16/bottle)! With such an impressive wine selection, the name tappo fits perfectly – it means “cork” in Italian.”

Alex Peterson, Winging It! Buffalo Style

Cocktail review: Vieux Carre at Tappo

“Tappo Restaurant, known for its 40 bottles of wine for $15 (2016 price update $16/bottle), or glasses for $5, may not come to mind when looking for a cocktail, but its carefully curated list is not to be missed.”

– Lizz Schumer, The Buffalo News