Spring Cocktail Menu

Cocktails Also Available Non-Alcoholic
Made with Ritual Zero Proof Spirit Alternative)

Seasonal Cocktails $10

Dilly Dally
hendrick cucumber gin / elderflower liqueur / fresh dill

white rum / sweet coconut cream / orange + pineapple juices

Peach Bom-Baby
bombay bramble berry gin / peach schnapps / lavender simple syrup / tonic water

Ginger Pe[a]rfection
belvedere organic pear + ginger vodka / lemon juice / ginger simple syrup

Piña Jalapeña
dulce vida pineapple jalapeno tequila / triple sec / lime juice /pineapple juice / cream of coconut / hot peppers

Spring Fling
empress purple gin / grapefruit juice / lemon juice

Elvis Presley
peanut butter screwball whiskey / lockhouse coffee liqueur / muddled banana / public espresso coffee / simple syrup

House Cocktails $10

vodka / loganberry syrup / lime juice / ginger beer

Blood Orange Margarita
tequila / triple sec / blood orange syrup / lime juice

Red Sangria
tempranillo with blood orange

White Sangria
airen with stone fruit + citrus

Summer Spritz $12

Chandon Garden Spritz
mini bottle 187ml with orange

Celebration Shots

Jello Shots
strawberry or blue raz or pineapple or tequila lime $4

Green Tea Shot
whiskey / peach schnapps / sprite $5

Birthday Shot
vanilla or chocolate $5

Video: Alexis Bandera Photography
Featuring: Drew Lazelle and Ken Nguyen
Music: Drew Lazelle one of our talented bartenders