Cocktail Menu

Cocktails Also Available Non-Alcoholic
Made with Ritual Zero Proof Spirit Alternative)

House Cocktails $11

* ask your server about ritual zero proof spirit alternative

Cool as a Cucumber *NA Available*
Fresh Cucumber / Elderflower Liqueur / Lime Juice / Simple Syrup / Gin / Soda Water

Coppa Pina Colada
White Rum, Pineapple Juice, Sweet Coconut Cream

Cran You Digg It? *NA Available*

Keeping Up with the Koko
Black Walnut Bitters / Coconut Cream / Mango Juice / White Rum / Shredded Coconut

Lover Boy
Fresh Lemon Juice / Honey Simple Syrup / Aperol / Bulleit Bourbon / Orange Twist

Sicilian Strawberry *NA Available*
Strawberries / Lemon Juice / Agave / Vodka / Basil

Spiked Prosecco
Sweet Peach Schnapps / Elderflower Liqueur / Sparkling Italian Prosecco / Lemon Twist

Spring Refresher *NA Available*
Pink Grapefruit Juice / Simple Syrup / Botanical Gin

Reposado Tequila Espresso Martini
Reposado Tequila / Kahlua / Coffee / Simple Syrup

Blood Orange Marg *NA Available*

Logan Mule *NA Available*
Vodka / Loganberry Syrup / Lime Juice / Ginger Beer

Red Sangria
tempranillo with blood orange

White Sangria
airen with stone fruit + citrus

Jello Shots
Strawberry / blue raz / pineapple / lime / orange whiskey $4

Green Tea Shot $5

Birthday Cake Shot
Vanilla or chocolate $5

Video: Alexis Bandera Photography
Featuring: Drew Lazelle and Ken Nguyen
Music: Drew Lazelle one of our talented bartenders