Tappo is Italian for Cork

Pronunciation: /ˈtappo/

Saved from the ruins of the Horton Coffee Building, which
was vacant for 20 years, Tappo emerged under the ownership
of Chef Mike Andrzejewski and Developer Rocco Termini. Because
of these pioneers, Ellicott Street has been renewed into a so-called
“Culinary Corridor”, and a new experience has been brought to
Buffalo’s eyes, rooftop dining. Now under the order of Chef
Phil Limina, Tappo prides itself on combining high-class eating
with an affordable, family atmosphere.

Every Italian restaurant attempts to bring classic cultural dishes to
your table, but here at Tappo, we do not only attempt, we succeed.
By using the finest and freshest ingredients, your grandmother’s recipes
are reborn into new flavor. Italian cuisine does not just stop at food, however.
Tappo provides an extensive list of wines by the glass and bottle. Our
restaurant does not just simulate Italian culture, we are Italian Culture.