The New Normal

What we’re doing to keep you, our community, and our team safe…

Our Management Team has completed ServSafe Certification.

What is ServSafe?
A program administered by the National Restaurant Association to teach and certify responsible food service measures.

Is the rest of the staff practicing the same precautions?
Yes. Our managers have shared the knowledge and safety procedures with the rest of the staff during a company-wide presentation and provided them with materials to reinforce measures.

Our high standard of cleanliness is even more extreme.

Will hand sanitizer be available to guests?
Absolutely. We have Purell stations near every door, including the restroom.

What type of cleaners are in use?
We are using disinfectants only. Our hand soap is antibacterial, tables are cleaned with antibacterial aerosol spray between each sitting, and our work stations in the back of the house is using a safe amount of bleach.

How often are surfaces wiped down?
If a surface has potentially become soiled, it’s cleaned immediately. High contact areas such as bar top, bathroom counters, computer screens, etc. are being sanitized as frequently as every 30 minutes. We have implemented “scrub downs” that are completed before opening, mid-day, and at closing each day.

We’ll be Utilizing Single-Use Materials.

Are you reusing menus?
At the time of reopening, we will be utilizing paper menus that will be disposed of after each guest. Hate to see paper go to waste? Our menu is available on our website! Feel free to let your server know you prefer to view it on your phone or that you already know what you’d like to order. Our waitstaff will be verbally sharing our daily specials with you.

Is it safe to use your plates and utensils?
Our commercial dishwasher effectively sanitizes and disinfects. Prefer a single-use plate or set of cutlery? No problem, just let your server know and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Social Distancing, Reduced Capacity, and Open-Air Practices are in place.

How are tables configured?
Our architect company has assisted with the table layout reformatting to maintain a 6’ distance between tables in the main service area. We will only be seating every other booth.

Will the bar area be open? Where do I wait for a table?
We will not be reopening our bar area right away. This area will be utilized to allow extra space for guests to wait for a table.

Are you opening up the patio? What about the windows along the front of the building?
Yes! We have the ability to provide increased circulation of air by opening up our “garage door” windows on nice days. Our rooftop patio will be opening as soon as weather permits.

Is there only one access door?
The front door will still be utilized for arriving guests. To reduce congestion, we’re asking guests to exit through the side door.

We’re Closely Monitoring Staff and Operations.

Will you be running full staff?
No. At the time of reopening, we’ll be running at 50% and incorporating different shift “in” times to minimize the amount of kitchen safe working at the same time.

Is your staff healthy?
Upon arriving for a shift, employees’ temperature is checked with a digital no-touch thermometer and recorded. If anyone is feeling under the weather, they will not be reporting to their shift.

What are they doing to practice a safer environment?
A high standard of personal hygiene is already in place and will be closely observed by management. We provide uniforms to our staff, which minimizes outside potential of contamination. No food or ingredient will be handled without the use of gloves. Hair coverage in the kitchen will be mandatory. Masks will be provided and wore by staff. The only exception to that is in high heat environments where conditions pose a danger to the worker if the mouth and nose is covered.

Doing Our Best with Guest Accommodations and Expectations.

What gues capacity will you be running at?
We are starting at 50% max capacity, in accordance with official guidelines. We will closely keep an eye on mandates and recommendations and will reduce or increase this as we safely see fit.

What should I expect?
This is uncharted territory for everyone. We’re obviously taking things very seriously and simply as for your patience in return. It may take extra time to turn over tables. Cashing a guest out may take a little longer since we’re taking extra steps to minimize containment. Please be respectful of our staff and realize that we’re doing everything we can to keep you, our community, and staff safe and healthy.

Supporting local during this time is more important than ever. We truly appreciate your business. We’re in this together and will see it through.